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Account executive

We are looking for an account executive to lead a top regional account in the North and South America. This person will be working directly with clients in different countries and is responsible for completing tasks given to our team of creatives.

The role

In this role you will be the contact between the client requirements and the creative and digital team. You will help in the process of creating campaign strategies, social media posts, digital marketing strategies amongst other tasks. This means that you have to be an extremely organized person able to keep track of different campaigns and requirements simultaneously.

Key Responsibilities

  • Direct contact with clients on a regional level. Receiving requirements and briefsto pass on to the creative and digital team.
  • Manage and organize the creative and digital team’s agenda in order to ensure all necessary assets are reviewed, approved and delivered on-time.
  • Support in in the creation of several digital campaign and strategies. Oversee all designs, texts, media plan budgets before sending them over to the client.
  • Oversee digital ads reports and be able to analyze and conclude final recommendations and suggest better practices.
  • Supervise the team work hours in order to deliver a monthly work flow.
  • Keep track of client budgets and deliver to the finance team approved budgets with their proper paperwork.

Experience & Skills

  • 4+ years as an account executive, preferably with international accounts. 
  • C2 english level knowledge. Perfectly capable of holding long conversations, able to read and write long documents if needed. 
  • Previous experience in digital ad strategies and digital campaigns
  • Knowledge in social media, email marketing and web campaigns.
  • Ability to manage high volume requirements in a short period of time. 

Personality Attributes

  • You are able to create personal relationships with clients and work team.
  • You consider yourself an organized, proactive, and passionate person when it comes to the work that you do
  • You learn fast in every area that you work in and have a great capacity to retain information.
  • You are agile, have strong judgment, and have a goal oriented personality.